Tuesday, October 31, 2006

all hallows eve

Last year was a quiet hallows' eve. We didn't really know any of the kids in the neighbourhood so didn't expect any of them to show up. Besides who'd want to make their way up our killer driveway. In any case MsStopYourNoise spends every Halloween doling out candy at her momma's place in Spanish Point, so these kids know she's naught to be home.

This year we pretty much expected the same non turnout even though we now know all the kids in the neighbourhood. But lo & behold they showed u
p this evening, knocking on our door with expectant faces - the King, the Ghost, the WitchBride & the Queen. Of course we were not at all prepared BUT we did have a stash of - and I'm sorry to say this - Werthers' Originals. Yes I know it's not THE candy to have but it's all we had for the day & it didn't dim the smiles on their faces either. Here's the gang minus Pele & his brother, who went a-scaring past the neighbourhood outskirts. The kids sure did ask for MsStopYourNoise & guess who had to inform them that she abandoned her own ship in favour of a Spanish one.

The little ninja was visiting our neighbours & popped in to say hello. As you can see he's adorable & a gentleman too. He proceeded to give ME his candy from his bag. He'll know not to do that next Halloween.

We also received Halloween pics from Georgia. Here's Smoochie & ThePoser in their Hallow's gear. Quite a twosome, don't you think? Their mom was riding the danger zone by getting their costumes last minute but she got them at a steal & it was happenstance that they co-ordinated with each other.

Seeing the kids with their Halloween smiles & personas, they sure do inject you with energy you didn't know you had at the end of the
day. I guess it's easier to say that when they're not your own!

Happy Halloween!


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