Sunday, October 22, 2006

pack 'em good

What's a fast easy way for kids to earn money on this island? No, not child labour but more like after school work. Most kids elsewhere will earn some dough by taking on chores at home. Making money while working from home? That system wasn't quite invented in my day. Guess I lucked out!

Kids here & now have it easier when it comes to making some extra cash on the side. For instance, Bermuda grocery stores are a big ticket item. Most kids line up to pack groceries for customers (in their school uniforms - even on weekends) & while the grocery store does not pay them, it's the customers that tip them. And tip they do - quite generously. We hear kids brag about much they've made in just one sitting. It's more than you'd think. Say about 50 big ones. It's true, out from the mouth of babes. Some might justify the big tipping to the fact that it's all relative here in Bermuda. Higher cost & standard of living should lead to higher wages or tips.

But do kids really need that much money? What are they really going to do with it? Seems like a waste to have tip a kid to pack a grocery bag because guess what? When they're not around we have to do it ourselves, if the cashier doesn't take it upon herself. Not that I'm complaining. I'd rather pack my bags myself - Heck I always manage to pack it so efficiently that our stuff always fits in the three compartments of the scooter on the first try - no re-arranging needed. Even Hubby is impressed. With the kid packers, we inevitably have to rearrange or sometimes even repack to get it to fit. C'est la vie! Not like I can tell the eagerly awaiting packer kid: No, it's fine I can pack it myself. Imagine the faux pas. I'd be hindering their lively hood. Not something I want to do when the general perceived misconception is that ex-pats are taking over most jobs! Not true people!


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