Sunday, September 10, 2006

so we're trapped

Most split apartments here have sliding doors as the main door, complete with locks. But we had to get used to that idea, especially since we have always been used to solid door. Our doors are these proper sliding storm doors & it's great as it lets a lot of light in. In prep for a hurricane we still have to be cautious & run masking tape in an X pattern so IF anything does hit the doors they won't shatter, which is not likely as all our stuff has been stowed away. See pic for our handiwork.

Even though we have a covered patio, Ms.StopYourNoise's bf duct-taped the bottom of our sliding doors on the outside to keep the rain from coming in due to the strong winds. He promised to leave one door untaped. He did such a great job that now we can't open our untaped door because of the duct tape on the bottom of other door. Damn duct tape running interference!
So we're stuck inside until the hurricane's done & the taped has been removed.
Ms.StopYourNoise called to check up on us. We told her we need to be let out when this is all over or we can't report to work. And wouldn't that be a shame?

An update on Florence: she's still expected at around 8am Monday morning. The wind has started to pick up now. On the plus side - No work tomorrow so it's another long weekend. Yeah Baby!

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