Friday, September 08, 2006

baten down the hatches

It's hurricane season. Unlike the Carribean, Bermuda is protected by the Gulf Stream so most hurricanes don't really come close to Bermuda as they hit the southern US. Bermuda, however, does get it's share of fun mayhem & the pattern for hurricane hits is about once every three years. Fabian hit Bermuda in 2003 & so we are just about due for one this year.

And here it comes - we are expecting Hurricane Florence to pass right over us by Monday. It did change its course in the last 48 hours & we're hoping it continues doing so for the next 48, unless it goes in turbo drive before it has a chance to change course. No, lets not think about that. For now it is projected to be moving further to the east but just in case, everyone's getting ready, stocking up on water, canned food, batteries & people securing their boats that are scattered around the various harbours on the island. For us newbies it's soaking up information & listening to the pros about their past hurricane experiences & funny stories. It's all that anyone's talking about.

There's really nothing to worry about.
Bermuda houses are built to withstand hurricane weather. These houses are built strong & sturdy & the worst that will happen is that you may loose bits of your roof. This has been the case in the past. The best thing that one can do is stay inside. 2003's hurricane Fabian claimed four lives. All because they were out on the causeway (a low narrow bridge like road that connects the airport to the rest of the island.

We have been keeping track of Florence on the sharkoil website. Stay tuned for the aftermath. Right now it's the lull before the storm. It's a beautiful hot sunny day today & you wouldn't think there's a hurricane lurking around the corner.

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