Monday, September 11, 2006

bye bye flory

So Flory has passed us by. She was supposed to hover directly over us & wreak havoc but decided to veer off the the left as a Category 1. So all we've had is strong winds & heavy rain. For now though it's dying down & I hope it continues on that same trend. Most people are without power due to the strong winds that has knocked out power lines. Lucky for us, Ms.StopYourNoise has underground power cables, so we're ok for now. And thankful too.

We also managed to break through the duct tape barring our doors. Free at last. Ha, not like we can go anywhere. Yet! We've been told to lay off the streets. GoraGuy actually went into work. SharkBoy & LadyBug have guests from home that landed on the last flight in on Saturday before the airport shutdown. Oh it's just bad timing.

In other news, we are expecting a tropical depression, named Seven to hit us by Thursday.
I guess that would mean more wind & rain. When will the madness stop?

Maybe another day off? I sure hope so.

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