Wednesday, September 06, 2006

amnesty month

I had once told Hubby I wouldn't consider moving to Bermuda if it didn't have a library. The Bermuda National Library, located in town can't compare to the Fairview Toronto Library at home. BUT it's got a slew of books, enough of a supply for me to read for the time we are here. It’s a good thing too or I would have gone insane in the months while I was waiting for Hubby's full work permit to come through. It was only after that that I would be legally allowed to look for work. Needless to say, the library kept me going. While its size & content is not comparable to Toronto’s, the Bermuda library does designate certain months as Amnesty Month.

I went in today to renew some books & to pay off fines. My mom's definitely going to say something about this. She'd get mad when I had fines on my account. Hey, Mom: Do you remember how you'd pay a fee per book we borrowed from the private libraries in Dubai during the summer? The way I see it, fines are a small price to pay for being able to borrow the number of books I read during the year, in Toronto or Bermuda. And this does not even include magazines, DVD's or CD's. But I'm sure she'll get my drift now & I hope I won't hear a word about my Bermuda fines, eh mom ?

Anyway, when I went in to pay my fines, the librarian said: 'Oh, we are not charging fines this month'. This, my friends, is what Amnesty Month is all about where fines are barely a blimp on your account & you won't penalized for hoarding that one book you should have returned ages ago. Now if only every library did the same. They may just loose big bucks in the process & then where would we be?

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