Wednesday, August 09, 2006

shark for dinner? almost.

The full moon in Bermuda always brings out fishing enthusiasts to the rocks. Not only is it a peaceful night but also one that makes for an interesting night of who caught what as a lot of fish converge by the rocks to breed & feed. Sharks also make it across the reefs when the tide is high but thankfully most go back into deeper waters before the tide changes.
Hubby went fishing last night with SharkBoy. Towards the end of the night he did hook something that made his fishing rod bend like crazy & also pulled more of the fishing line while it was locked in place. Big strong fish? Well, it was. SharkBoy said it was a shark, as he's never seen anything run so fast like it's tail is on fire. But it was also a smart fish. Engaging in tactical measures it made its way under the sharp rocks causing the line to snap and that's how it broke free or we'd be feasting on shark right now! Probably has the hook & bait still in it's mouth. Hubby said it was the thrill that counts - the thrill of at least hooking a shark!

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