Friday, August 04, 2006

cup match weekend

It's cup match weekend here in Bda.
The island shuts down as it does every year on the Thurs & Friday for a 2 day cricket match with the East vs. the West pitted against each other. This is a very Bermudian event. People of all ages converge to watch the match live.
Bermudians also camp out on any grassy spots they can legally do so complete with camping gear, food & all the fixens. Hamilton becomes a ghost town with virtually no one on the streets. The grocery stores are closed. The islands major newspaper, The Royal Gazette shuts down too, so you can forget about snuggling with the daily paper on your extra two days off.

The life of most ex-pats, however, does not change. Most companies here are either British or American & so require you to work of Bda holidays. Yes, it bites but they do try to throw in some added incentives. So it's not all that bad. And when the work day is a half day its nice to be able to enjoy the beach on the sunny hot days we're having or just bum around doing nothing.


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