Sunday, July 30, 2006


And I am not talking about Barbara Walters & her other ABC show!

After years of wearing glasses & contacts I finally now have 20/20 vision. Oh technology is so amazing. All it took was about 15 minutes including prep time. The actual procedure for each eye took about 60 seconds. And even though it was a piece of cake I was scared. I mean who wouldn't be; it's your eyes, for Pete’s sake. It’s no small thing when a machine cuts the cornea of your eye to create the flap which is then flipped back to have the laser zap your cornea back into shape, to give you that 20/20 you so desire. Did I mention that while the flap was being created you loose your vision for about 10 seconds? - That was very scary (especially cause I was all alone - Hubby had to fly back the previous day for work). It was also the longest 10 seconds I have known but a normal cause & effect of the keratome machine doing its thing. Once the right eye was completed, I was hesitant to have the procedure done on my other eye. I kept wanting to say, 'do we have to do the other eye? Can’t we just leave it be? I am sure I will be fine with perfect vision in just one eye. What if it doesn't work on the other one?' It's amazing how many thoughts can run through your head in just a few seconds. But I had to bite the bullet & stop being a sissy. 60 seconds later I was done. Did I mention all of this was 100% painless? They do put numbing drops in your eye. I think the worst part was the nausea due to the burning smell that the laser emits while it's zapping your eyes into perfection.

The procedure was so smooth that the
surgeon had five patients in the span of 45 mins (including 2 men in their 40's & a 61 year old woman). He must do at least 10 procedures a day, three times a week. But he was incredibly confident with more than 35,000 procedures under his belt and very vocal about the procedure while he was zapping away.

So, here I am a week later with 20/20 that I am very thankful for. Also, thanks mom for making sure I got home safe after the surgery. For those of you interested, check out lasik md

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