Sunday, July 09, 2006

stop your noise !

Just look at this thing. It’s called a Bermuda Whistling Toad & it's about the size of your thumbnail. And incredibly loud. How can something so small have a lung capacity unmatched to it's sound? Now imagine hundreds of them in your front yard, backyard or just any yard. Or even on the outside of the window like this one here. Oh they can be so annoying. Did I mention they were loud? Their constant incessant croaks are enough to keep anyone up so you can forget about sleeping with the windows open. On the bright side they do hibernate in the winter. Some of you know how loud they can be when we talk to you on the phone. You ask us, 'what is that noise'. Well take a good look at the culprit. They come in packs. So now you know. They’ve known to invade our patio & I just cringe when I’m out in the dark for the last thing that i want to do is step on one of them. Ugghh. I am beginning to share Ms.StopYourNoise's fear of frogs & toads. You want Bermuda road kill. Well, the frogs are it. It’s Canada’s equivalent of the squirrels. And here I thought we had escaped it all.

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