Friday, June 16, 2006

central humidity

Oh, summer's here. Beautiful beach weather. It's hot and sunny and also very humid. Lucky for the hubby and me, we live on top of a bloody hill (you'll get killer calfs walking up that driveway everyday) and not only do we have a nice ocean view, we also get a nice ocean breeze, most of the time. You'd think that'd be enough to drive away the humidity. Not so. What's a bit of humidity right????

When we first got on the island we were given all these tips on what to do to combat humidity. Get a de-humidifier said some, you're going to need it just as much in the winter with the dampness. Well, actually everyone said that. Here's a good one: envelopes seal up by themselves with the humidity, so be sure to put them in a ziplock bag
and pop 'em in the freezer. Huh !!!! Or how about, everything goes in the fridge: from uncooked pasta to salt and sugar to cereal and potato chips. Yes, that's right! I only heard about this last week from ShoeQueen. Of course she does not like the idea but her hubby, GoraGuy insists that thats where the chips go. Frankly, I don't really like it either. can you imagine the taste of cold chips ?!?!?

Last night, after our workout and dinner with SkarkBoy and LadyBug we got to talking about how our shower curtain rod suspiciously lost tension, gave way and plopped to the bathroom floor and how it was so annoying that it wouldn't go back up no matter how many times we tried. It's the humidity, they said. They apparently had the same problem the night before. What's going on !!!! So we tried fixing it up again today. Today, being a day where it rained all day and there was very little humidity. viola, it's up and it's staying there. For now anyway.

So we're leaving for Atlanta tomorrow. The reason I'm blogging
and not packing. Well, there's nothing to pack. for the first time, hubby has reached the finish line before me. Well, we'll see about that on our way back. There'll be plenty to pack for the trip back. We are both looking to updating our wardrobes with the latest styles and also getting some much needed essentials including Tide. Powdered not liquid!

So Atlanta, here we are much more humid and muggier than Bermuda. I feel its going to be an 'out of the frying pan into the fire' type of thing with this mini escape. Escape from an island you say? Yes, we who live on this island do need to escape it a few times a year. It's very catching.

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