Friday, June 30, 2006

smoochie, the poser and georgia

And we're back! We had a great time in Georgia. It was a very relaxing trip. We stayed at hubby's aunt and uncle's place. It was a full house with their eldest daughter and her family relocated to Georgia just that week. So we got to spend more time with her and her hubby, a chance we didn't have during our visit to NY three years ago. Their kids were a hoot. Smoochie (6) and ThePoser (7) kept the entertainment going and did it very well. We spent so much time with the kids that they were kind enough to bestow hubby with a lovely nickname, which I am not about to reveal. Especially since the kids now call us Mr. & Mrs. 'nickname'.

It was very hot
and humid in Atlanta. Oh theGeorgia sun is much more intense. We could feel ourselves roasting and we were not on the bbq menu either. Hah, the men and kids reveled in the hot muggy weather outside and had no problems doing so. I don't know how they did it. And for that matter, I can't seem to remember how I tolerated the hot and humid weather all those years in Dubai. I guess it doesn't take too long to really get acclimatized to wherever you move to.

We also managed to get some shopping done. And you know I’m going to talk about this: we bagged ourselves a 14 pound box of laundry detergent and so many other goodies from target
and Wal-Mart, of course. Oh and we also managed to snag ourselves a US bank authorized credit card in the process. They were handing them out like candy at target. What’s the big deal about this? Allow me:

We tend to shop online now since we moved to Bermuda
and mostly on American’s websites because of their deals. When we decided to apply for a US credit card here in Bermuda, we were told it could cost us 80 bucks in annual fees. Ridiculous, since we paid NO annual fees in Toronto! All because Bermuda’s US dollar CR cards are authorized by a US bank even though they come from the US (yeah I know!). Since a lot of the American sites require an American authorized credit card it was quite inconvenient. We even tried getting a target CR card online. But Nooo!!! Gotta be a US resident for that. So imagine our delight when they were handing it out like candy and lemme tell you we were not about to say no. so now we're set.

It sure is good to be back in Bermuda, our home away from home. We missed the beach but not work and are already looking forward to our next vacay. yay!!!

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