Friday, June 09, 2006

bermuda day

Bermuda day (may 24th) is a day celebrated with great fanfare. Locals line up the streets the night before and camp out so they can catch a good spot for the parade that starts at about 1:00 am the next day. We saw the parade last year. This year I was left to my own devices, as I had to work the morning half. The hubby decided to go fishing with SharkBoy. While I didn't plan on sticking around for the parade, I met up with SharkBoy’s better half, LadyBug (who was also working - what's with the women working and the men fishing). So we decided to watch the parade and ohh & ahh the adorable little kids in their mini costumes with their batons and pom poms.... Hey we're women and our biological clocks tick all the time, so how can we not notice the little people?

So a few differences from last year - this year EVERYONE decided to mark out their territories, not as the lions would but in a civilized fashion - with duct tape. Each family created a neat little niche for themselves complete with sharpie engraved names on the tape, lest there be any confusion. All i could think of was: were there cat fights last year over spaces, that people had to resort to duct tape this year? Also, this year EVERYONE decided to bring food,
tables, umbrellas and canopies along with packed and picnic food. Some had portable stoves and hotplates. I witnessed a lady actually cooking lunch over hers while waiting for the parade to start. I guess they all decided to follow suit after hearing about one family doing it different this year with food and protection. I must have not received that memo. Keeping up with the Jonses' is alive and kicking in Bermuda.

One of the new additions
and the highlight of the parade in my opinion was the well-received intricate dance performed by the 'Filipinos association of Bermuda'. They dazzled the crowd with their bright yellow costumes and displayed a performance that is slightly reminiscent of an Indonesian dance. This past year, Bermuda has seen a significant rise in the number of Filipino ex-pats, many being employed in accounting and hospitality industry. There’s even a Filipino bowling association!!! Now if the brown folk would just get together for their very own 'Indian association of Bermuda'.

P.S. I still see some sidewalks laced with duct tape with names on them. They really know what they're talking about, these sharpie permanent marker people!

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