Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Canines of KY

I love dogs and it is for this reason that I hate seeing stray dogs out and about, left to fend for themselves. Cayman has plenty of them. Some have collars. Now I'm not sure if many of these have been 'adopted' by the many dog lovers out there, or if dog owners just let their pooches roam free. I have also seen dogs chase after their owners as they drive off to work or running errands, oblivious at these times to the rush hour traffic. I have stopped one too many times for these dogs, afraid that if I don't to give them way, someone else won't either. Why are these dogs not on a leash in the safety of their own backyards? It's hard to tell.

Regardless, Cayman's dogs are SMART! I cannot count the number of times I have spotted a dog 'waiting' to cross the road, looking for a break in traffic in both directions before they make their way across. And they do it is such a humble manner, not cocky at all. You never see a Cayman dog strut his stuff as he crosses the road. They are cautious, with their heads lowered in humility knowing all too well how dangerous crossing the road can be. It's a lesson in humility we can all learn from, and apply to so many different areas in our life. But getting back to these dogs, why are they not better secured, why are they left to roam the streets, left to meet up with their other unsecured friends. Sure it's a life without restrictions, but such a dangerous one at that. Oh how I tempted I am to take one home with me.


Mad Bull said...

If you feel to take one home with you, do so. Oftentimes the owners don't give a rats ass, and if the dog is allowed to roam too long, it will eventually annoy someone till they call animal control and then the poor animal will end up with just 7 days to live!


NOOOOO! I thought there was no 'time limit' at the Humane Society.

Both Hubby and I would love to adopt, unfortunately he's got allergies! :-(

bermudabluez said...

I have a solution!!! Adopt a bichon!!! I have asthma and I'm allergic to everything under the sun....bichons work for me!!

debonairdebacles said...

The dog checking the traffic sounds insanely cute!

(mind updating my link from blogger to my new wordpress address? Thanks in advance!)

Archana said...

I love dogs & I know what you mean when you see stray dogs. :( Though I have to say, in countries with a lotta stray animals they get really street smart. Like every time I go back to visit India, I see how agile and quick the stray dogs are. I get scared trying to cross a road cause there's traffic from all directions, lol, and then there's a cute little stray checking both sides, waiting for the slightest break in traffic and then they cross.

Though on a more serious note, people should not buy a dog if they don't have the time & finances to invest in taking care of one. I've always seen people ooh & ahh over the puppy stage and then once the dog's older not care for it, which is just awful. I think they way people treat themselves, reflects on how they treat animals.

I personally love my dog & treat her just like another sister. :)