Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Under the weather

Seems like everyone got this viral flu/cold/cough that's been going around. And I mean EVERYONE! Family & friends in Canada & the Middle East seem to be sick just as much as friends and co-workers here in Cayman. How do I know this? Well, there's Facebook that lets you know the intricate minute little details of one's health status, it's easy not to keep track of how every one's feeling.

Which makes me wonder...would you rather be sick on a Caribbean island, a desert or a freezing, wintry, snowy climate like Canada. Bear in mind that with today's Global Warming kicking up a scream, the desert's climate is much like a cross between the Caribbean and Canada. It may not snow but it definitely has been raining and it definitely has been chilly. Would you get better faster in a warmer Caribbean climate, bearing in mind that your recuperation environment is kept stable with the a/c running OR would you get better faster in a Canadian climate, with the heat running constantly that you feel like you're in a sauna. OR would it depend on motivating factors like: Caribbean climate = beaches = wanting to get better faster so you can hit the beach; or Canadian climate = -20 deg C temperatures coupled with snow = making you NOT wanting to lug your butt to work, giving you an excuse to stay in longer?

Which is it?


MarkD60 said...

THe flu is going around here too! I'm just waiting for my turn.

I'd pick a Caribbean island, because the stinging hot sun will make you feel better, go to the beach, find a place out of the breeze, and let the sun burn the cold out of you!

sarah said...

A virus is a virus...and can get even bring down a hulking man to his knees and hands.
More often than not our mind plays a major role in how quick we recover. If we think sick then we feel more sick...but if we think Iam fit and I can beat this...then we are on our feet even before you can say VIRUS.
Of course some of us are more resilient than others....so it depends again on an individual.
Weather conditions....hmmmm not sure if it helps. I have got it in extreme winters and extreme summers..and in between as well.
The weather never did any good nor harm. Its just there.
Its that little buggar the virus who does everything irrespective of the weather :)
Get well soon. My girls are just getting better...so much better to see them up and running than down and out.