Friday, February 06, 2009

A frozen nose

You know that cold front that's been hitting Florida the past few days. Yeah, well it's also managed to hit us here in Cayman as well. So it's been UNUSUALLY cold the past three days. Now when I say cold I mean cold Cayman style. Perhaps COOL would be the right word to use. Anyway, most Caymanians tend to enjoy a cooler spot of weather here and there but when it gets anywhere below 23 deg Celsius. You can't really blame them (or me), when all they've known is hot 25+ deg Cel weather all their lives. I had to double up on my layers at work because with the a/c running even at a moderate temperature, it was freezing.

As we're walking to our cars today, one of my Caymanian co-workers says to me: Man it's cold, I can feel my nose burning. (!?!?!)

And it was about 23 deg Celsius. Welcome to the Caribbean.

I think the building across the street heard my laugh.


bermudabluez said...

Seriously?????? I can't even begin to tell you how freakin' cold it's been here....but then again....think of Toronto! I guess it's really IS what you get used to!!

MarkD60 said...

You're not helping in my quest for sympathy from the northerners.