Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama has my vote

Seems like every one's pulling for Obama to win. Watching the news, seeing so many black voters getting out there, standing in long lines and making a choice, it's easy to presume that they're voting for Obama, because he's black. And if that were entirely true, so what? Heck, if there an Indian candidate running was for the presidency, I'd be damn proud, but I wouldn't vote for him based on the fact that we share the same motherland or skin tone. The fact that he made it so far would be awesome. Just like Obama has. A black senior citizen was asked today: Did you ever think you'd see this day? His response was a negative. Yes, it is 2008 but at times we have regressed so far back on so many issues that it doesn't seem like the modern world that it should be.

Here in Cayman and I am sure in Bermuda as well, so many are rooting for Obama even though they're not eligible to vote. For those that are, it would seem reckless to vote for someone based on the colour of their skin. Even if one does want to go that route, they'd have to at some point look beyond race and actually have to listen to what that candidate has to say. Like Hubby's cousin in Georgia. She voted for Obama because she liked his plan for education. As a mother of young kids she is all for any candidate with a strong plan for education because to her that's what's most important. Education and health care. I say this election is not about race. It's more about a charismatic democrat who has been able to keep his cool through it all and has a plan that most believe will work to bring America back on track. I LOVE this write up that my fellow blogger, Zen Denizen has penned about Obama. It resonates with all of us, at some level or another, American or not. It IS time for that change. Can you feel it???


bermudabluez said...

Yes, indeed, time for change.

det-res said...

I agree with you, race gender are barely reasons for electing a candidate. I think it is time people wake up and make a choice when informed better.