Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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OBAMA HAS WON and history has been made! I was glued to CNN last night and even though I was previously unattached to the whole campaigning process, I could not detach myself from the electoral process unfolding in front of me. I even got teary eyed during some parts of Obama's post win speech. Come on, who here didn't??

So, what have we learned?

Things have to get really bad, before they can even start to look remotely good. The American people are ready for a change and to give 'the other guy' a fair chance and they have spoken.

This election was NOT about race. According to the polls, it wasn't even a concern, not as much as age was. McCain's age that is. Even little kids were aware of this. Hubby's niece, Smoochie (aged 8) 'voted' for Obama, because he is not as old as McCain. Ouch! Not that I am a promoter of ageism, but to be honest, I was wondering why this was not more of an issue than all the attention that was paid to race or religion where Obama was concerned.

The Obama girls have a new puppy. I am a little jealous.

And I leave you with this: If the world could vote, here's who they would have elected. No surprise there.

Today is also my dad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPI!

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