Friday, November 07, 2008

Hurricane Paloma Updates

Hurricane Paloma can be tracked at the following links below:

6:01 pm

Paloma is pretty much here. Internet is intermittent. Not sure when I will be able to update again. Strong winds, lots of rain. And of course, no water. They shut the water off here during a hurricane to prevent loss of water through leaking pipes that may burst due to the floods (info courtesy of Piglet). The good news is that we at least still have power and hope to do so through the night.

6:47 pm
It's funny how we take for granted the little things until they're taken away from us, temporarily. Hurricanes will do this to people. Cut off the water supply and it's like we're in a drought. Cut off the power and we feel like everything is at a standstill. Whatever did they do before in the olden days when there wasn't running water or electricity?

Paloma is now a Category 3 hurricane. The good news is that the eye is not going to pas
s directly above Grand Cayman. And it also looks like it's going to slide in between Grand Cayman and the sister islands. Right now I can hear an insane amount of pounding rain against the windows and once can tell just how strong the winds are by the pounding. I hope everyone's staying safe!

A little perspective...three years in Bermuda and we only had to deal with one Hurricane Florence. Hardly been here in Cayman a year and we've already dealt with Hurricane Gustav and are now dealing with Paloma.

Should we be scared? Friends off island are asking if we are. I'm not sure. It's perfectly natural to feel startled like when you unexpectedly hear that loud crack of thunder, except in this case it's really loud winds and pounding rain, that sounds like hail falling. Maybe we will be scared when the hurricane is closest to us, or maybe we'll be sleeping it off.

Channels that we've tuned into all day today on the tube has been in this particular order.
The Weather Channel, CNN, The Weather Channel, CNN, The Weather Channel, CNN. You get the idea. And so to introduce some politics to todays post, I give you this, as forwarded by Hubby. Enjoy!


bermudabluez said...

Startled??? Girl, I would be totally freaking out! I mean TOTALLY. Seriously. Be careful and I will pray for you guys. Be safe. And let us know how you are as soon as you can.

MarkD60 said...

My internet has been up solid since the storm started. Looks like the luckier we get, the more unlucky Little Cayman and the Brac get.

Where are you staying for the storm, home. I'm at work.

Stunner said...

Stay safe during the hurricane!

I got that clip and was thinking of posting it, it's pretty funny! lol!

Mad Bull said...

Nice clip! I reposted it on Facebook. Glad you didn't have many issues. Hey, the water is back here! Pram pram!!!

ZenDenizen said...

Glad you're doing ok now!

I love the opening move "McCain" does in that clip...