Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The updates

For this post I am going to give you two updates, since many of you have been asking.

Yes, I did step in for my friend, Piglet at her grandmother's funeral and read out the rest of the tribute for her, when she no longer could. Although, I did not have to read out Mummay as she had already made it past that part. And thank goodness because when I took over I was so emotional (first off, seeing Piglet cry made me so & secondly, I was nervous). You could hear my voice falter as I tried so hard not to let a teardrop fall, nor get my eyes blurry. In fact, she told me last night that she was watching the video, and saw me read out the tribute, nervousness and all. Yeah, like I'm going to watch that!

Three of you got the Crab Crawl answer right.

Senior was the first to hit the nail on the head! I was told to try and avoid running over crabs because of possibility that their sharp claws could flatten your tire, if one were to run over them. And my brother, Newt pointed out that I should not have said they should be avoided 'at all costs'. Not if your car had the possibility of flipping over or runnin into oncoming traffic in an attempt to swerve out of the crab's way.

And just how big are these crabs? Well, their body is at least the size of your hand - that's big enough. Many a times I've opened my door to find a crab crawling about in the corridor, or walking about like it owns the place. Here's a shot of one I managed to get. This one is a smaller size than what normally gets run over.

I did get one response that said avoidance was necessary due to respect for life, and while I agree, I actually love to eat crabs, although I'd rather they not end up as road kill. Crabs are delicious, when cooked Indian style. There's nothing like a good coconut crab curry!!!

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