Thursday, September 18, 2008

The back-up

Just last night I realised I said WEST BAY like a Caymanian would. Three times! Until I caught myself and Hubby laughed at me saying I was now truly and fully integrated. This sort of thing NEVER happened in Bermuda. Ever. Not that it's a bad thing, I'm just saying. The Bermudian accent is a little harder to have sneak up on you without your knowledge and for that matter not all Caymanian pronounced words are easy to do so either.

My very good local friend's grandmother passed away last week. Here in Cayman, funeral programmes are quite elaborate, with the entire service outlined, including tributes from loved ones. So, of course Piglet being the oldest grandchild, and who was also quite close to her grandmother has penned a tribute that will also be read out, most probably by her. As we were going over it a couple of nights ago, she happened to drop the bomb of: I may become very emotional and may not be able to read out the tribute. Will you then step in and read it on my behalf?

My reaction: ME? Read it out in front of the entire congregation?

Piglet: Yes. You will have to walk up there with me and in case I can't read it you'll have to step in. Will you do it?

Me: Um ok... (how could I say no).
There's just one thing. Do I have to read out Mummy with a Caymanian accent?

Because Piglet
called her grandmother, Mummy; the tribute is entitled Mummy. Mummy with the Caymanian accent is pronounced Mummay. Most words money is monay, fidelity is fidelitae, etc.

Yes, you will have read it out Mummy with a Caymanian accent, where ever it says so in the tribute. Like you know, Mummy is Mummay.

Me: WHAT? (This is not so much of a problem because one of my cousins used to call out to her mom in exactly this way, except the ending syllable was stretched even further. We still poke fun at her for this, to this day).

Piglet: You know how to say it.

Me: Yeah, I know how to say it but I don't know. That's a lot of pressure. What if I get nervous and switch back to saying Mummy instead of Mummay. You know cause that's a lot of people and I've never really done this before. What then?

Piglet: Well, then you'll have to practice, won't you?

Yeah, easy for her to say. However, I am honoured that she asked me to be her back up.


bermudabluez said...

Yikes! I understand it was difficult to say no, but honestly, I just couldn't do it. I am not good at speaking in public. Even at my mom's funeral. My older sister spoke, but I just couldn't. You are very brave, my friend. I'm sending along some good karma for you.

bombaygirl said...

That was sweet...and a little funny. So, did you end up having to step in for her? Inquiring mids want to know.

Ms Stop Your Noise said...

How did your friend make out? Did you have to fill in for her.

Just got back from Vegas. It was good. Janet sang and danced for 2hr and 15 minutes straight. She was good. Did put on weight but those pictures did not do any justice as she did not look that big.