Saturday, September 13, 2008

A comeback?

Just this evening there have been four searches for Bermuda extinct volcano, leading to this blog. Four searches, one after the other, all from different parts of America. Was there something I missed on the news? Perhaps something about Bermuda's volcano and how it has been extinct. I mean we've been hearing of cases where species that were thought to be extinct have been recently been spotted in remote areas. In addition, to this occurence in Bermuda, I just read of a 'thought to be extinct' frog in Australia that has made a comeback. Of course, it's been very elusive. So, was there something about Bermuda following this same line of thought with things that are thought to be extinct like volcanoes, because I sure as heck missed it. Or is it just a coincidence? But you know me, and how I don't believe in coincidences. In any case, the extinct volcano that Bermuda sits atop of, is not what one would want to have come back to life.

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bermudabluez said...

THAT is really quite strange! I should check out what people are searching for and land on my blog! By the way.....I'm still loving Picasa!!! That collage thing is the BEST!! Thanks so much for your comments!! Have a great the sunshine!