Sunday, January 07, 2007

intelligent design

A little three year old at church today had a box of animal crackers. He brought it over & so I pointed out to the bunch of animals on the box & asked him if he knew what they were. He pointed to one of them and said 'That's a man'. I looked at it & trying not to laugh, I said, 'No, that's not a man. That's a gorilla'. A future evolutionist? Perhaps.

We all get caught up in the various theories of evolution no matter how religious we are. It makes us stop, think & question what we know & believe. However, I've always thought that the theory of simple cells evolving into life on earth or how we as humans share 99% of our DNA with primates making them our common ancestor is pure hogwash. For one thing, the 1% difference betwe
en the primates and us is a huge 1% - it's that percent that sets us apart from them & our various abilities far surpass theirs. For another, our cell structure is simply too complex for us to have evolved from another species. Not that we're special. The same goes for any other species, they all have complex structures.

On the topic of evolution: I happened to watch a PBS documentary on one a few months ago. What caught my eye was it's brilliant showcase of Bermuda's aquatic life. It had all the different kind of fish that I was able to name from my snorkelling adventures. But when I listened harder it was a documentary disproving Charles Darwin's 'Theory of Evolution'. To give you a brief synopsis, it looked at the various species & explained with the help of modern DNA why evolution is impossible. It also highlighted that Darwin was not privy to the concept of DNA at the time his work was published which was approximately 150 years ago. Had he been aware, he would have hesitated on publishing his work.

I didn't watch the entire documentary because I started to research on how I could get myself a copy. I did manage to get one, for Hubby for his birthday. He wanted to watch it today, the day that started with the gorilla. Coincidence? I think not. In life, there are no coincidences. Or so I've heard.

The documentary is titled LIFE'S STORY & is available at Exploration Films & also on Amazon. If you do decide to get it, well then enjoy!

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