Friday, August 22, 2008

Who are you wearing?

I have resolved to go snorkelling this weekend and am almost ready. All I've got to do is arm myself with a pair of flippers & a beach umbrella. Looks like I'll be going shopping this Saturday, which is pretty much the only day one can get out and run errands, including grocery shopping. The islands here literally shut down on Sunday.

And if I thought Bermuda came to a total standstill on Sunday, welcome to Cayman where this island takes the Sabbath ever more seriously. Of course stores and businesses are closed on Sunday, but Cayman goes one step further and has all clubs stop playing their music by 11:59pm on Saturday night. There's no dancing at the clubs here past midnight on Sunday, which is why Friday is the big day to go out clubbing here on the island. And Caymanians do this in style. They take their clubbing very seriously. Piglet (my local friend) will never wear an outfit twice and absolutely has to go shopping for a new outfit every time she goes clubbing. A repeat outfit is such the faux pas. Why? Well, apparently those websites (BLACK & COKE in Bermuda and PARTY SURFERS in Cayman) that go around taking pictures of party people to post them online for all the community to see is quite the hotspot to check out (on Monday morning) who was out where, when and with whom and most importantly wearing what (or who). Piglet said there's no way she'll be caught on that website wearing a repeat outfit. Why? 'Because Cayman is so small, Yo. And everyone knows everyone. You do not understand.' Those were her exact words, in her delightful Caymanian accent. Actually I think I do understand, Piglet. I think I do…

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bichonpawz said...

Wow....guess you better plan on spending a heap of money on new clothing while you are there! Gots to keep up with the whole club scene...right?? Sounds like you are having fun though!