Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Something special

Some days I find myself racking my brains to think of something to post. Bermuda, Cayman, Toronto, Dubai, Bombay and a way to make it all relateable to the two islands. But I get nothing, nada, babkus, zilch! You get the idea. Well, this week is NOT one of those times my friends. I got just as many ideas this week coming out of my ears as I do smoke when I'm hopping mad. Why, just off the previous post I've got two, count 'em, not one, but TWO topics to blog about. But I'm only going to do one today and I shall leave the rest for another day. I've got to keep you coming back for more, right?

Ok so here goes...

I've blogged about the Queen's English before, specifically the pronunciations of words that are so very different from North American English. The Queen's English is not really limited to England but anywhere that England was a major force back in the colonial days (Canada does not count here). So, we're talking about India (and all them Indians of course, specifically my parents), the West al.

So, how would you pronounce this: SPECIALITY (as in Speciality Inn).

If you're North American you're probably pronounced it speshulty BUT if you're of the Queen's English you're probably pronouncing it speci-a-lity. Am I right? Just another thing of Bermuda that reminded me of my days in India where everyone (including me) would pronounce it the latter. Somewhere along the way (in Canada) I lost it, but my parents (especially my Dad) and their friends haven't. And it makes me smile when I hear those variances.

So, I'm taking a head did you pronounce it? SPESHULTY or SPECI-A-LITY?


Dylan said...

You've got me confused. When I first read it, I went SPESHULTY. Of course, having been brought up in Bombay, I was more than familiar with the other pronunciation.

Now I'm beginning to think.. maybe I pronounce it differently with different people (I do that with some words). So I think it's quite possible that I do speci-a-lity with my goan aunties when discussing their sorpotel, perhaps.

You're messing with my head, Ms. CP. And my English!


Leon said...

I pronounce it "SPESHULTY."

simplypallu said...

Definitely the latter :)

simplypallu said...

And Konkani with all the Mangalorean & Goan Aunties, huh?
There's different Kokani in both these places... you speak both?

Mom said...

Nice, I pronounce speshulty like you

CARLA said...

I pronounce it the first way... how about these words

aluminum vs aluminyum like aluminum foil
nuclear vs nukelear
frustrated vs fusstrated
specific vs pacific

I know there are more but I just can't think of them right now.

Have you ever though of trying to get a column in a newspaper or anything? You'd be great. Did you ever watch Sex and the City? You remind me of Carrie - asking a question and then commenting on it. You should think about it. Your doing it for fun - you ought to get paid for it.

bichonpawz said...

That spelling I would say...the latter. Although if it was spelled without the would be speshulty! Now ya got me confused too!!

bichonpawz said...

Oh....and yes! I agree with would make a great Carrie! I always thought that would be such a fun job...

Sharon said...

Yes,Ms Cute Pants..You've got me confused too. I can see myself saying both, but I pretty sure if say it as speshulty. Now you have me thinking of other pronunciations. said...

DYLAN: LOL Now that I intend to do, my friend. Mess with your head!
I know what you mean. When I speak Konkani with all the Mangalorean & Goan Aunties, my North American English words get thrown out the window, after I've thoroughly butchured them, Indian style.

LEON: Thank you for the comment & for visiting.

SIMPLY PALLU: Yes I knew you would. With regards to Konkani, there's not much distinction between the two. I speak and both sides understand. POTATO, POTAATO!

MOM: Are you sure about that ma? hehehe

CARLA: I didn't realise there was a difference in the way NUCLEAR was prounounced. And I would say the same thing about FRUSTRATED until I got here to Cayman & noticed the locals pronouncing it as FUSSTRATED. I have no idea what that is about!
Oh and thanks so much for your Carrie comment. I am flattered.

BICHON PAWZ: Seems like I got a lot of people confused!
Thanks for the Carrie comment as well. :o)

SHARON: Be honest now...I have HEARD you pronounce it SPECIALITY! Here's another pronounciation for you. How about IMMEDIATELY??? How do you say that cause there is a difference!

Anonymous said...

Depends on how it's spelled. There are two different spellings, and correspondingly, two different pronunciations. However, for each spelling, there is only one (correct) way to say it. North Americans say it without the i because they spell it so. You can't spell it with an i and pronounce it without, or vice versa.