Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Iguana eggs

I'm going to extend on the previous Iguana post here but not quite like you think. Looking back at our stay in Bermuda and the many dinners we had with our American expat friends, LadyBug & SharkBoy, the previous Iguana post made me think of them. Not too far from where we all used to live, is a gem of a family restaurant called Speciality Inn. It's always packed and its reasonable menu coupled with excellent customer service, have people coming back for more. Not to mention their sushi is one of the best in Bermuda. This one particular summer evening, the four of us decided to order in and chill out. It being a work day, none of us felt like cooking or firing up the grill. Along with Speciality's famous pizza, our friends decided to order IGUANA EGGS off the menu. Now I'd seen this on their menu before, but of course was not apt to try. There's only certain types of eggs I'll eat and it comes from a chicken. Hubby and I 'graciously' passed up on doubling the order because we were not about to try Iguana Eggs. Oh but it's good, they told us. Don't care, said we. The order arrived and can I just say, Iguana Eggs were not what I thought they were at all. They weren't even remotely close to anything resembling an iguana egg. So, what were they?

Well, imagine our friends taking a bite of their 'Iguana Egg' and to our surprise it revealed itself as a Jalape
ño Popper! What is a Jalapeño Popper? It's a Mexican first and of late a South Western American dish - a deep friend breaded Jalapeño pepper stuffed with cream cheese (Google it!). Heck, I say. That's a Jalapeño Popper. I love those things. Yes, they say, they're also called Iguana Eggs. To which I say: well, heck guys, why didn't y'all say so in the first place? And why'd they have to go and name those Jalapeño Poppers Iguana Eggs. That just about went and made it so darn confusing because I almost came so darn close to never knowing. People would be more likely to order them if they're not known as Iguana Eggs. Don'tcha think? Lookit us for instance!


Mighty Afroditee said...

Now that is interesting. Why do they call it that? Do they resemble iguana eggs? of course, because of my previously mentioned aversion for reptiles, you have now affected my love of the jalapeno pepper. I can never look at one the same again, ad not think of a yucky iguana. Yech!

MsCutePants@gmail.com said...

OH NOOOO! THat is so not my intention. I WANT you to continue enjoying those Igua..I mean Jalapeno Poppers. You can do it! Mind over matter!
And I tried looking it up but could not find why they are called by that other name!

Anonymous said...

Best darn Iguana Eggs ever.... funny part about this is that when we first moved we didnt know what they were either! We ordered them b/c we try out one thing new whenever we get takeout! I think the Specialty Inn was just proving their name with a "specialty item".

Ann said...

I used to work at the Board of Trade in Chicago in 1994 and there was a restaurant i went to and they had Iguana eggs AND dinosaur eggs (one had cream cheese, the other cheddar) and I LOVED that they were called that!!!!. “Jalapeno poppers” is SO BORING! I found by calling it that it made it even more intriguing and I wish MORE PLACES would be more clever in their appetizer names. (they could always write a description underneath for those cautions patrons. =)