Monday, June 30, 2008

Underwater world at Bermuda's Tobacco Bay

Cayman is one of the best places to buy a digital camera. The duty free camera store here houses many deals, cheaper than what you'd pay for online, which is exactly the route I went. I have been hankering for a new camera and I was about to buy the Canon Powershot, but then I discovered the Olympus Stylus SW 850, completely shockproof, waterproof & freezer proof. What else can one want?

So, armed with my new camera, I made my way to Tobacco Bay (the best snorkel spot), while in Bermuda last week. The water was quite choppy, but I did manage to capture a few pictures and a couple of videos, which I have to say I am quite pleased about. So, it wasn't a total loss. Here goes...

A good fish to eat, Breems are plenty in Bermuda's waters and often travel in groups,
as seen here.

The Sandfish is an elusive creature, sometimes difficult to spot as it burrows itself in the sand. I've actually seen them do this and often times as I'm walking on the ocean floor, in the back of my mind I'm hoping I'm not stepping on one of them.

These two 'baby fish' on the right were just about adorable. You're looking at a Slippery Dick and right next to it, an Ocean Surgeonfish.

Sergeant Majors are just about common as the sand in Bermuda's waters. These were huddled in multitudes by a coral seeking shelter from the choppy waters that was stirring up just about anything around. Scroll down for a really cool video I got of these guys.

The Yellowtail Snapper or Silk Snapper, as they are called, are also abundant and a delicious fish to feast on.

This was a shot I could not pass up taking and I am so pleased it came out the way it did, considering how choppy the water was. I love the Digital Image Stabilization feature on my new camera.

This is by far my favourite shot in this group, mainly because of the effort required to attain it. Swimming against the flow of choppy waters was hard enough, but then having to deal with chasing these two, who were awfully quick to get away. But not before I snapped this. You're looking at a huge Stoplight Parrotfish with its friend, the equally large, Doctorfish, a close cousin of the Ocean Surgeonfish.

Although this didn't come out as clear as I'd have liked, it's still a pretty good picture. I love how the rays cut through the water. You can also see how choppy the water is on the surface. You're looking at an adult Puddingwife fish, cruising the waters, and being elusive as usual.

You're looking at an adult Slippery Dick. I love how this one came out, bright and colourful, appearing as it does to the naked eye.

Let me tell you a little something about this little guy here. You're looking at a Damselfish, but there's nothing damsel like about these guys. They are insanely territorial about their rocks and woe to you if you happen to encroach or even hover over them because they will come at you like a raging bull. When I first started snorkelling, I was a little wary when I'd come upon the Damselfish. Their charging attitude is quite effective and it doesn't matter how small they are either - as small as your thumbnail or as big as your palm. I would also like to direct your attention to the video, I took of the Damselfish. You can see how close it got to the camera, in an effort to scare it away and how many times it continued doing that same thing. You can also see how choppy the water was, I could barely hold the camera still. I am lucky to even get the above shots in such choppy waters. You can also hear me snickering at its antics.

I can't wait to hit Cayman's Stingray City with my new toy...


Mom said...

Good job, pictures are awesome. I am glad you bought that camera.

Keep it up!

Stan said...

I didn't know you were such a great photo-take-outer!

Fortify said...

Great pics! It was a nice day out. Choppy waters. But your camera is nice! Your pics are better than a pros.

Anthony said...

WOW... the pics are great as your description of the fishes...... said...

Thanks, guys!

The Crastos said...

Excellent photo-take-outing...:o)

I loved the videos too!

I put the volume on when looking at the videos, and the sounds of the choppy waters was so refreshing that even Simba woke up from his siesta, and had an inquiring look in his eyes!

MarkD60 said...

The Olympus can only got 10 feet. The Canon in the housing is rated to 130, and I've had mine to 170 and it didn't flood, but you couldn't push the buttons.
Great pics though, thanks for stopping by!
I'm putting a link from my blog to yours.

bichonpawz said...

Terrific job! LOVE that water and your pictures are really, really great!