Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fishy business

I don't know what it is, but I have always been drawn to fish markets. Perhaps it all started way back when, as a child in Bombay, my paternal grandmother would take me to the Kalina fish market with her. It was not too far a walk from where we lived and I loved entering the market, ready to discover what was in 'stock' for the day. I remember the dim incandescent lighting, the blue crabs in weaver baskets (and my grandmother haggling for them), the many rows of and the smell of fish. This continued in Dubai as well, where we were not too far from the Sharjah fish market or the ocean. They say to involve your children in the grocery shopping process - I can see why because back then, a trip to the fish market was always exciting.

It's no surprise then that my very first on island picture of Cayman was the makeshift permanent fisherman's stall. Located by the harbour in Georgetown, this is the place to go if you want to get the freshest catch of the day. Unlike in Bermuda, where the fisherman sell their catch by the roadside all over the island, where you have to watch for signs, because they're not there everyday, Cayman has one designated spot. And this is it. Look at the size of those red snapper suckers!

And speaking of fish, if you're ever in Bombay you have to try the local fish, available ONLY in Bombay's waters, compared to the rest of India. It's called the Bombay Duck, or bombil and it's the tastiest fish you'll ever sample. Try it fried though - no other way is better. And if you're reading the article in the above link, pay no mind to what it says about the smell or odour of the fish. They exaggerate!


Stan said...

Hey! I love bombay duck too, in all forms, fresh or dried.

Tigerbutt said...

I miss the Sharjah fish market. Still haven't found anything that can compare to it in either Florida or Arizona. said...

Oh Yeah U. Stan. Mai always makes some when we go back for a visit.

Rosh: Tell me about it!!! Just the smell of the fish and the ocean, brings back memories.