Friday, June 06, 2008

Suggestion box

Bermuda or Cayman? Which is the better island to live on? I got asked this a lot and at the time I could not render an opinion. How could I have especially since, at the time I'd had never stepped foot on Cayman. Perhaps now I shall be able to and I aim to be objective about both places. But before I get into the specifics, I need your help. I need to decide: should have I have two separate blogs, like I do now (which would mean having to visit TWO separate blogs) or should I amalgamate them both (this would make life easier for everyone involved).

If I were to go with the latter, I'd have to rename the blog address. So for names the choices are:

Islas Bellas (Beautiful Islands) - as in

Islas Bonitas (Pretty Islands) -

but then it got me thinking that those would be a little hard to remember, unlike the current blog address. Perhaps I should just name the new blog:

So, do you guys think? Any other suggestions? Now's your chance to be a part of this madness.


simplypallu said...

I vote for either
The latter is preferable if you want people to remember the URl easily.

Tigerbutt said...

I like and I think you should have just one blog page. It makes it easier for people like me, people who are pressed for time, to stay current.

ZenDenizen said...

Yes, people always ask me who this Ms. Cute Pants is! Very memorable indeed :)

Btw you've been added to my blogger medley post today.

J Starling said...

I've never lived in the Caymans, so I'm obviously biased against them. But having visited there a few times, last time to help in the hurricane restoration ops, I was struck at how overly americanised the place is. And its is really creepy flat. The people are nice enough, but I found the income inequalities very troubling, and these were compounded by the fact that most of the menial workers were black jamaicans, most of the white collar workers were white canadians, and the caymanians themselves struck me as being largely mixed race. So there were some tensions there. Wasn't overly impressed with their beaches either. They had the quantity, but quality?

But really, have a good time down there. I only really saw it at its worst. I'm sure its really great down there to live.

Of your two choices, I'ld go with the bonitas. Can double for the fish too. But really, I would go for the mscutepants one.

Susan said...

Well, Ms Cute Pants is great but I think to keep drawing people like me and to aid in the comparison, I would go for Under the Cayman and Bermuda Sun. Whatever the name(s), I'll keep reading.

Joy said...

I love islasbonitas, but i think mscutepants should be your
choice. Coz you'll never have to bother changing it no matter how many
islands you hop, skip and jump from now on..

Fi said...

Hey there,
First off...well done on the move. I'm so impressed with & proud of you. Go Girl !!!
Next order of business...definitely one consolidated blog.
Blog name : I love provides continuity & is adorable.
Other suggestions : islandchic / islandgal / islascutepants / moreislas ....okay, so creativity was never my strong suit, but what the heck !
Enjoy & all the very best to you always,

may said...

I vote for!

Dale said...

I think mscutepants blog name is good coz it significes ur identity n blogs. Whether ur everyday life happens in Bermunda or's u who as a person will be moving n experience lots of new adventures where u will keep us updated.