Sunday, June 08, 2008

A new address

It's been a near unanimous vote for mscutepants as the new blog address. Thank you to all those who voted via comments and emails. I am going to repost my orginal Cayman post here, to keep with the flow and for those who missed reading it the first time.

FEBRUARY 25th, 2008

Hello Y'all (just kidding) and welcome to my life here in the Cayman Islands - specifically Grand Cayman. As I bid goodbye to Bermuda, I prepare myself for a long journey ahead and another adventure. The natural transition for many expats is the Cayman Islands, if they're not ready to repatriate back to their home land. And naturally this is where we end up too. So sit back, relax and read on, on my first day en route to my new place of residence - The Cayman Islands.

The Bermuda to Miami flight was a long haul, only because I knew there was going to be a stop over in Miami for 2 hours. I slept through most of the flight but woke up in time to check out Miami and all i could think of was the show Burn Notice! Although I have been to Miami once it was not during the light of day and it certainly didn't look as pretty as this. Once I transited in Miami International, I totally caved in when I got to Miami and got Internet for a half hour, which makes me wonder what I did in the days before we had the 'Net'.

The fligh
t from Miami to Cayman was only about an hour but it was so pretty. I was wide awake at this point because there was no way I was going to miss the show down below. I saw some pretty islands which looked uninhabited to be Key West. You be the judge!

As we flew down further south we approached Cuba! I don't ever remember Cuba being so pretty from the air when we visited it back in Dec 2004 and it made me realise just how pretty the water can be elsewhere too.

Not too long after I spotted a couple of pretty islands...You're looking at the Southern most tip of Cuba. Very very pretty.

A half hour later we got to Grand Cayman and I didn't get too good a shot of the main island. I was on the wrong side of the plane for this one. It sure was hot when I got off the plane. We're talking 29 deg Celsius and it was February. Immigration and customs could not have been easier and nicer (so different from our initial Bermuda landing).
During the drive from the airport to my temporary accommodation, I was quite impressed by how much bigger the roads in Grand Cayman are. Along with the construction, buildings and fast food joints (yes that's right) reminds of me Florid
a. I feel like I'm in Florida. Not Miami, but somewhere like Boca Raton or West Palm Beach. You know this is going to a different experience from Bermuda, or perhaps the same in some ways and like my Bermuda blog, this too is going to be as objective as it comes - while I will continue to point out the good, the bad and the ugly and maybe make a few comparisions or two. Stay tuned...

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Cayman's Girl said...

YAY!! I am super happy i stumbled across ur blog! im goin to read it from this post onwards and (hopefully) gain a real insight into what my life will be like when i arrive!!