Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The cat's out...

May I just say this: To those that sent me Congratulatory & best wishes...Thank you.

And....in my previous post, when I said I was 'MIA in BDA', I meant the MIA to stand for 'Missing in Action'. My childhood friend FF, made a faux pas by assuming MIA stood for Miami and even though she promptly posted a follow up comment on realising her faux pas, I must have over looked it while approving comments. Well, everyone else who read her original comment, thought we were/are moving to Miami. Not so! FF, lookit what you gone and done, girl! (chuckle chuckle).

I wanted to keep y'all in suspense longer but then that would be too cruel. Many are surprised that we kept it quiet for so long and have even gone so far as to call me sneaky. Really! There's no need for name calling. No need at all. ;o) The reason why we didn't tell anyone is the sheer fact that Bermuda is such a small island. Word travels at lightning speed and since Hubby had not yet resigned, there was no need to say anything at all. Where's the fun if your employer knows you're going to quit, right? The other reason was to avoid the barrage of questions that we ourselves were not sure of the answers to. Questions like: How long are you planning on staying in Cayman? How long before Hubby joins you? Is it long term, short term? Have you (Hubby) started looking for work yet? Blah blah blah. The few people we did tell, did ask us a couple of times and well it was a little exasperating, especially when we ourselves were caught up in the waiting game. And while I was away, Hubby grew tired of the white lies he had to conjure up to explain my absence, of which some were hilarious, (I didn't know he had it in him), I had to remind him of the alternative: a few white lies today, the avoidance of a barrage of questions tomorrow. You think we're crazy? One of our expat friends told us that while her husband moved to Bermuda six months before she did, they pretended, for the sake of her work, that he was still in Toronto. Phone conversations at work took on a different spin altogether and their white lies were quite hilariously similar to ours. OK, so finally, where am I? Click here to find out.

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Tryangle said...

Another thing that's happened since I last blogged something...

Wishing you the best in Cayman - I was there on vacation for a couple days earlier this decade and think it's a great place that as you pointed out in a different post, is quite modern in many aspects yet retains much beauty.

Been great reading your commentaries on Bermuda life through your blog and look forward to seeing what comparisons with Cayman you observe down the road!