Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Join the joyride

This article talks about how Bermuda Bus Drivers should be praised for the following reasons:
Consider the size of our everyday 36ft Bermuda bus that on the average weighs in between nine and 12 tons (18,000 to 24,000 pounds) curb weight - without passengers. When you add 60 to 80 sitting and standing adults of many sizes with a cumulative 16,000 pounds, the total weight load is a monstrous 36,000 pounds."

All fine and good. And then the article goes on to say: "
Driving at a slow average of 30 miles per hour, these pink and blue cruisers cannot stop on a dime. "

HOLD THE PHONE! Because that just about cracked me up. EVERY bus I have been on has gone way above the 30 miles per hour. Like for instance, there was this one time (do I sound like that girl from Band Camp in American Pie?), anyway I once was on the bus heading up to Somerset and along for the ride with me were a number of older (retired) women, a large group of them vacationing. As we made our way through the narrow roads and even narrower the closer we got to Somerset, this particular bus driver made no attempt to slow down as he made those sharp turns. And could he ever manouver those curves. The ladies were enjoying this roller coaster effect (because really it was) so much that they began to throw their hands up in the air and exclaim a series of OOOOOs and Ahhhhhhs during this unexpected joyride. I remember laughing not so much at them, but with them because it was so unexpected an experience.

So, I have no idea what this reporter is talking about because
'driving at a slow average of 30 miles per hour', is what the bus drivers don't do here in Bermuda, no matter where, no matter when. Ask any island resident, and they will attest to this fact.

And yes Bermuda's buses are pink (a reflection of the island's pink sand). Besides what other colour would it be.

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