Thursday, January 24, 2008

Park it!

You know what bothers me about Bermuda? It's the parking spots. Well, it's not so much the parking spots, but rather the people that park their gigantic cars in these parking spots. First of all, I can never understand the need for SUV's and Hummers on the island. I understand the need for minivans, if you've got kids, but an SUV? A Hummer? Seriously? How much protection do you need when you're on the road out here, where the speed limit is 35 kms? Besides, a Hummer pretty much takes up the entire width of the one way lane here, so what's the point? And don't even get me started on how much gas these things guzzle up. With gas prices here at around $1.79 a litre, don't you feel the pinch at the pump?

And I notice it's always these mega vehicle owners that never seem to get it right while parking, especially in a crowded parking lot. Are people not aware that it's Bermuda & space is at a premium? Everywhere! I've many a time arrived at my destination, only to find some 'moron' taking up two parking spots. No, it's not that the vehicle is spilling over, it's that the vehicle is literally parked flat in the middle of the line, thereby taking up TWO whole parking spots. How much of a hurry are they in? Are they reserving the other spot for their friend? What is it? It's not like they're in Canada where a layer of hardened snow has covered up the entire lot, thereby erasing any visible lines whatsoever. And even then people are considerate! They gauge and adjust, leaving room for their fellow driver, friend or not. Take a page, people, take a page!

I swear, next time this happens, I am going to take a picture of your car and post it here, licence plate and all!

There, rant over!

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ZenDenizen said...

Yes, yes, a parking hall of shame, do it!