Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Island style onions

While I thought it was Chicago that first started this craze with its statues inhabiting the city, it originally began in Switzerland with 800 fiberglass cows. These sculptures were placed around the city, paid for and donated by various corporations, to be auctioned off for charity. They were painted to reflect their urban surroundings. It's called the Sidewalk Arts Project and it was only a matter of time before Toronto began to commission these for its own. And what better to represent Canada than the Moose. Oh yeah, we soon saw moose cropping up at various parts of the city. Now I have no visual aids to provide you with but imagine if you will, moose strategically placed at various destinations in the city. And like the ones in Switzerland and Chicago, these moose were anything but blasé. Check out the link for pictures.

Cincinnati soon followed with a mascot of its own, the Big Pig Gig. Buffalo NY with, need I say it? - Herd about Buffalo. Boston with its Calvacade of Cod and New Orleans with its Festival of Fins - fish counterparts. Even Dubai had one of its own, a camel, but I don't think it was part of the Project. But I do happen to have a picture of that. Glitterati says it all and this is one camel that could blind you in the mid day sun.

So, earlier this year I came across in Bermuda what reminded me of the Toronto Moose, the Chicago Cow and the Dubai Camel. By now you should have been able to guess. Bermuda does it only one way - Onion style! But instead of having the onions 'sit' idle, they've been commissioned to good use. So far, I've only found three of them (one in May and two this past week). You know what they say about the Island life. These Onions are a perfect reflection of that.


Anonymous said...

ah but have you seen Bermuda's own blue moose at the Botanical Gardens. I wonder was it a diplomatic gift from Canada? susan

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Susan: I did see that blue Moose and took a pic of it but it's on someone else's camera. I too wondered the same...if it was a diplomatic gift and wanted to include it on this post but perhaps another day. EH?

Oliver said...

Dubai has about 100 or more camels. They were put up before the IMF conference 2 yrs ago. Each one is different. Some have cartoon characters, some Arabic motifs, some in the national flag colors, and some in corporate colors (when placed outside a corporate HQ). some are awful, while some are quite funky! :)

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Oliver: I only spotted just the one during Dec 05, or maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. Well there's always next time, if they've still stuck around!