Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Drop de Onion

If, on New Year's Eve, New York drops the ball during the countdown to bring in the New Year, what would be apropos for Bermuda? Why an onion, of course. Or so I've heard. This apparently takes place every year in St. George's and it's quite the event, as a result of which traffic and parking is a nightmare. And while we opted to check out the fireworks at Elbow Beach, I now wish I would have been able to accomodate the Onion Drop Countdown. Hubby and his visiting brother were poking fun at the whole dropping the onion thing, but I say it's nice not to see a copycat countdown but rather a 'place' putting its own spin on what would be another's tradition.


Karen said...

Thx for stoppin' by my place because now I know about the onion. :o)

To go from Canada to the tropics must have been a pleasant change as far as the weather goes.

I'm only 50 miles south of Sarnia.

ZenDenizen said...

On a somewhat related note, do you like reading The Onion?

iceiceami said...

I saw the onion drop the first year in Bermuda. You should try to get liquored up first, then its more exciting. I was disappointed because I thought it would be deep fried and that we would all get to eat some after the drop, but of course as you said...way to many people to share.

Rosy said...

Very interesting.
Drop off the onions MsCutePants :)

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Karen: Yes it was definitely a pleasant change and so I can't really complain about Bermuda's weather to anyone back home. I receive threats when I do...Thanks for stopping by as well! Love your blog. Stay warm!

Zen: Honestly, I haven't really read The Onion, but I have heard about it. Although I did take a look at it since your comment & will get back to you on that one.

Ice Ice Ami: You crack me up! I shall keep the liquored up part in mind if I ever make it to St. George's for New Year's Eve. Ha! Deep fried indeed. I love your expectations!

Aunty Rosy: Thank you! Perhaps we can do some onion dropping of our own in Dec 08. I mean we live high up enough...