Monday, December 17, 2007

Who is Ms. Cute Pants?

When I first began blogging, I doled out screen names for a few family members and friends. Mentioning them in anecdotes required me to protect their identities and so personalised pseudonyms were appropriately chosen, as I saw fit. Not long after, one afternoon at a friends place, we were discussing this blog and one of them stated: 'You need a screen name. We all have one except for you. So, what's yours going to be?' I hadn't a clue! Creativity only hits me in spurts and most definitely not when I've been put on the spot. And so after a few seconds (that's how long it took) I gave up and asked them to pick one for me. I happened to be wearing the Capri pants pictured here, bought right here in Bermuda. 'Those are some cute pants', they said. 'Well, you should be called Ms. Cute Pants.' I could hardly argue with that! And that is how the name Ms. Cute Pants came to be. (Now, don't you be looking for me and my cute pants. You won't find me wearing them around the island, now that we have this big reveal).

Off I went with my cute pants into the blogging world through 2006 leading up to now. For the last couple of months, I had been emailing family and friends my worthy posts through my MsCutePants email (to protect my identity, since so many of them kindly forward my posts on to their friends). I assumed for the ones that did not know about my blog, they'd make the connection, for I'm the only one they know that's in Bermuda (so far). But then last week, my very own UncleTigerBeer emailed me asking: Who is MsCutePants? I was mildly shocked. For one thing, he knew very well who it was, especially since he'd been reading my blog from the start. For another, who else would he know that's in Bermuda? I emailed him back letting him know just who MsCutePants was. Then it got me thinking that perhaps I should sent out a note from my actual email clarifying who MsCutePants was. I did just that! After which I received the following responses:

It is indeed a pleasure to know your blog name - personally! Now that I know who is MsCutePants. I can relate and picture you with your blogging.

There goes your anonymity...

I knew that was you because I remember asking you during a chat who it was.

Now I get it! Ms.Cute Pants always went into my Junk Email only to be deleted. Now we know. Thanks.

Junk email? Well, I never... Anyway, I was glad I did send out that email. And then Friday night I ran into a friend who yelled out HEY! MsCutePants! As I wondered why he called out to me so, he said he got my reveal email. And then the funny story unravelled of how unsure he was when he received my very first Bda Sun Blog post via my MsCutePants email. He wasn't sure if he should mark it as safe, doubtful of what would then load up, wondering if some one's pants were going to come off, (Well, I never). He did click on it and said he was intrigued by the posts. As he continued to receive periodic posts, he wondered who I was and if he should tell his wife of the emails he was receiving from a MsCutePants. He wasn't sure if MsCutePants was also a friend of his wife's. He couldn't tell who else these emails were sent out too and so couldn't tell if his wife was on the same mailing list (Yeah I know, I LOVE the Bcc feature). He ended up telling her. Her response was: Miss Cute Pants or Mrs. Cute Pants? Cute! I do know his lovely wife and the next time I see her, I shall ask her if the Mrs. would have made any difference.

For those of you who don't know me, who am I? I am Ms. Cute Pants! Stay tuned for my next post where I reveal seven random/weird things about me, as tagged by one of my friends.


Rosy said...

That is really cute ... Ms. Cute Pants

ZenDenizen said...

Nice to know the back story, always thought it was an adorable sobriquet (yes, I've been dying to use that word in a sentence).

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Thank you A. Rosy!

Thanks Zen. Nice! Now not only do I have to look up 'sobriquet' for the exact meaning & other ways I can use it, but I also have to find an audio file to get the exact pronounciation.

little indian said...

I have always been curious about the origin of that name.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

You and a lot of other people, but until now I managed to keep them in suspense. Nice to see you here!

bermudabluez said...

Very interesting!! Now I make the connection!