Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The big seven

As tagged by my childhood friend and fellow blogger, here are seven random/weird things about me, MsCutePants:

  1. When I was about 4, I was a victim of a drunk driving accident right outside my home in Bombay. It was my neighbour and only he wasn't driving as so much reversing and didn't see me, who was standing in a perfectly safe spot. And though I was critically injured, I obviously and thankfully, survived.

  2. I have no allergies whatsoever (knock on wood) and have no intention of developing any. In these times, that's weird. Like my paternal grandmother, my blood type is a Negative something. Everyone else in my family is of a positive blood type. I don't know how that happened. (Probably a good thing cause guess who's blood I now have running through my veins. Literally! Lost a lot of blood from accident mentioned in #1, shortage of my Neg blood type at the hospital, doctors refusal of the bag of Neg blood type brought from the blood bank by my uncle because they (doctors) said they didn't know where it came from, Mai (grandmother) was right there, they hooked her up...problem solved!). The lesson here: be nice to me, you'll never know when you might need my blood. :)

  3. I was a total tomboy as a child, insisting I wear my brother's shorts (he's a year and a half younger). There are pictures to prove this. People laugh at these pictures of me in all my tomboy glory, but I don't care and you'll see why when you read #4.

  4. Boys at school (KG & elementary) were afraid to pick on me. I was not afraid to put 'em up and fight (word had spread by the time middle school came around and I had fewer than one boy bully problem by then). My brother would many times call upon my services to defend him against his bullies. A good yelling was all they needed (I was not about to pick a fight with someone not my size). A good reminder of my services rendered is all my brother now needs, every so often. Lest he forget!

  5. I have no problems holding a baby but I'm hesitant to hold a puppy or a kitten, as much as I love them. Unlike babies, puppies and kittens squirm and I'm afraid, I'll drop them.

  6. If I didn't have to sleep, I'd love it. No surprise that you'll often hear me say to friend who loves to sleep: I'll sleep when I'm dead. (You're thinking, who LOVES to sleep? Turns out there a quite a lot of them sleep lovers out there, who sleep when they're bored! And I know quite a few personally. I'm not naming names, BUT you know who you are...)

  7. In my last and only year of high school in Toronto, Canada, I was called 'Paki' by a black girl, during the first week! I looked at her and thought: Is she kidding me??? I wanted to yell out to her that I was Indian, not Pakistani (not knowing that Paki was the derogatory term for brown folk and the equivalent of the 'N' word for blacks. I was fresh off the boat, what else could one expect). Calling me Pakistani was insulting enough! (Inside joke - the Indians & Pakistanis will understand). Interestingly enough, the black guys at school thought I was cute! Maybe that's what pissed her off. But seriously, SHE calling ME Paki? How's THAT for the pot calling the kettle black? I wonder where she is now...(and what if she's the same blood type as me, is in an accident of some sort & I'm the only one around to give her that much need blood that will save her life. Oh! she'd have Paki blood running in her veins!). Mwaaahahaha.... (we women have strange vindictive imaginations, don't we?).
Alright, I'm done. At first I was dreading writing this list, but now I realise seven is not enough. But I should stop here, any more and you who don't know me will be able to identify me on the streets of Bermuda.

And now the fun part, I now tag my childhood friends: 45Minutes, Rosh, Jenny.


UncleTigerBeer said...


ZenDenizen said...

Yeah how can you be a Tomboy with those Cute Pants? :)

Wow, that accident must have haunted you for a long time.

educatedunemployed said...

Thanks for taking up the tag. So much we live it is fascinating. Yeah being called Paki isn't new. I am not even insulted. I am brown and proud to be. :)

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

UncleTigerBeer: Not anymore!

Zen: Thank you! I don't remember much of the accident, just a few very interesting key parts, but none of the pain. I remember all the good stuff, like how family & friends came to visit me with boatloads of chocolate!!!

EU: Yes, it's only when one does tags like these that we realise how fascinating our friends are! Thank you!

Lyandra D'souza said...

Ahhh sweet sweet revenge. Dont worry you shall your day too!

On a more serious note though, I don't really understand the whole meaning of calling someone 'Paki' and even more why we get so upset by it. It just shows an overdose of generalising and stereotyping and perhaps if they realised that being called a Paki didnt really affect us they wouldnt call us that. Not that I'm condoning racism.

Good going with the tomboy thing though. I've been there done that. Even went bald at one point of time. Yikes! We should swap pictures.

Anyway this comment is definitely longer than some of my posts so I'm out of here. And also, I'm going to link you if you don't mind.

Merry Christmas

Dylan said...

You actually tried to squeeze TWO random things in point #2!!!

Sneaky tomboy!

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Lyandra: Link away! Yes I too have gone through that bald phase. Twice! And not by choice...

Dylan: Shhh! I was hoping no one would notice...