Wednesday, August 01, 2007

cup match weekend

It's Wednesday & every one's happy. But it's no ordinary a Wednesday. This particular one, that signals the start of the long weekend, occurs once a year, every year. For two days starting tomorrow, the island is going to be shut down for a two day cricket cup match, featuring the East vs the West. That's right! Only in Bermuda is cricket taken so seriously. Well, perhaps some of this seriousness will translate the next time Bermuda participates in the cricket World Cup.

Officially, tomorrow is known as Emancipation Day (from slavery) & Friday as Somers' Day (named after the Father of Bermuda, Admiral Sir George Somers). Both these days mean days of fun at the beach, camping, music & food, and of course cricket.

Where do people go camping here on the island? Well, anywhere really. Pick a spot by the water (except the beach) & there's plenty of spots to be had. Although you'd best get in early for the choicest. Bring your family, your tents & your food. But most importantly if you're not planning on attending the Cup Match events, bring along your radio to keep abreast of the match, or you won't have anything to contribute to the cricket talk at the water cooler on Monday.

And in keeping with the standard greeting for today, I say to you Bermuda residents: Have a good holiday!

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Ian said...

Enjoy your holiday!!!