Thursday, July 26, 2007


I've never been one to be dazzled by the whole brand name lifestyle. While I don't hesitate to pay for good quality items, it does not need to have a particular name attached to it. French or otherwise. Same goes with cell phones. While I like cell phones, I'm in no dire need of the latest techno gizmo out there. Hubby got me a the Razor phone a while back, but I was adamant he didn't have to get me one. He went ahead anyway. And I love my new magenta Razor!

But there's always something better about to be released & unleashed onto the market making any new phone you may have just acquired obsolete (much like computers). The newly arrived iPhone has got everyone abuzz about its many features. But I have to admit the iPhone would be a pretty thing to own. How do I know this? Well, at my final post Lasik follow up today at the optometrist, a tourist patient needed help with looking up a contact on her iPhone. She couldn't see very well at that moment on account of her eyes being dilated for her checkup. So, I offered to look it up for her & got a taste of the iPhone. I have to say it's a pretty neat thing to be able to manoeuvre around. I would not mind having me a piece of that. I love gadgets with the touch screen feature.

I am sure many here in Bermuda would love to own one too! Bermudians are known for their penchant of all things branded. But the iPhone is one item no one (Bermudian or expat) will be able to get their hands, not here anyway. At least not now. Apparently, the iPhone's chosen network is exclusively AT&T. Sadly for some, this telecommunication company does not have jurisdiction nor the license to operate in Bermuda & so the iPhone will not be sold here. The tourist was able to use hers here thanks to the roaming feature. If you're planning an imminent move here to Bermuda & you've got yourself an iPhone, best dispose it off while you can for it will not do you much good here on the rock. It will hurt, but you'll be fine. There'll be many other things here on the island to distract you from the loss of your iPhone.

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Roshani said...

Out here in Arizona, a long line had formed outside the Apple store a couple of days before the iPhone went on sale. As cool as I thing the phone is, there is no way I would purchase it at its current price of $500. It's just plain ridiculous. Given time and when everybody and their mother has one of those phones, just like the Razor, the price of the phone will go down significantly and every cell provider will have it in their line up of phones that they sell. Maybe then I would consider getting it. But then again, why would I want to have a phone that everyone and their mother has? :-D