Thursday, June 14, 2007

you talk funny

Senior citizens are bold, brazen & no nonsense. A perfect combination which culminates into being funny, anytime, anywhere, in any language. Here are some funnies courtesy of Bermuda's senior citizens:

When offered a seat at the bus terminal she laughs & says: 'Oh thank you child, but if I sit down, I won't be able to get up.'
Child? Who is she calling child?

When being greeted by a scrubby, partially drunk Bermudian man, she says once he's passed us: 'Hmm mmm That's right, keep going!'
Well I never....

While ensuring her grandchildren are instilled with manners & that they give up their seat to the older folk on the bus with just a look, she says to them after: You're young, your legs are strong & you can stand for longer. Cause I know what happens the minute we get home, you kids have a whole lot of energy all of a sudden!
You tell 'em, Granny!

When told by an Indian person that his name is Francis, she looks at him & says, 'Come on, what's your real name?'
Cute, but you know Bda Grandma,
not all Indians are Hindus. There are many Indian folk who are Christian, with Christian names. It's been this way for hundreds of years. Yes, I mean Indian folk from India. Thanks to R from my former workplace for this anecdote about his grandmother.

That's all I've got for now, but please feel free to add some of your own. I'd love to hear them.


coquilles said...

how can u forget the other cliches u get -

"thuka adhle puti polaythana thu ithle laan asalye...atha kitle vodle zalay???"

"kaliigi voluk....thu laan asthana thuven maka polaylen!!!!"

how on earth should we stay the same size as we were wen we were 2 or somethin!!! or for tat expect us to remember someone we met wen we were 2 or somethin :)

don wanna sound bad..i totally adore oldies...loved my grandmom like hell...still miss her like crazy..
but ever heard of this one...
this old person had this very annoying habit of walking upto youngsters at weddings and asking when's your turn... Well that finally stopped when an oversmart youngster asked the same at a funeral :)

jokes apart..
families would never be the same without them and knowing you m sure you'll agree that we do love them oh so dearly :)

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Or how about:
Nisthek kale? (What's for dinner?) as they pass you by on the road...

OR this is a popular one to ask us right now:
Burgi kedala? (When are you going to have kids?)

Or some of my late maternal grandmother's favourites, when she was proving a point to her kids:
Vonne marlee puski OR Kastee galeje iseelan.
Both of which I daren't translate. (I know my mother's going to kill me for this one but hey these are now her favourite words when she's trying to prove her point to us!) . Coquilles, if you don't know what context they're used in, let me know & I'll fill you in!