Wednesday, June 13, 2007

power shots

At one time or another we tend to take the simplest most basic things for granted. Not apt to be content, we're prone to harp on about what we don't have, not realizing that for the most part what we do have is more than sufficient to fulfill our needs in the present. We get so caught up in the idiosyncrasies of life that at most times we barely acknowledge our fully functioning selves, unaware of what's a part of us until it's cruelly & unfairly snatched away.

On our day off this past long weekend, we went to the driving range to practice some golf shots. Also, present was a senior Bermudian gentleman, who seemed to be getting ready to swing. At first I wondered how on earth he'd manage, but his shots were exceptionally good. Even Tiger would be impressed. Far better than the average person with two arms for you see he had but one arm. Yet that didn't seem to slow him down or deter him in any way. He'd adapted & worked with his limitations because his left arm was all he needed to deliver his power shot. One of many. You couldn't help but watch & be awed at his poise & confidence, the maintained balance & the powerful well timed swing that launched the golf ball high & far. He made it look easy. It
not only left me amazed, but forced me to take a moment, take stock & thank God that I was fortunate enough to be whole.

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