Saturday, April 14, 2007

i never vote for anybody, i always vote against!

Hubby was reading an article last week which suggested that ex pats should stay out of Bermuda's politics. Now some may take offense to this saying that ex pats deserve the freedom of speech that is afforded to everyone else on the island. While it's all well & good that one would want to be educated, informed & perhaps a bit involved in & about local politics, I agree with the article.

I think it's the same situation anywhere you go. I highly doubt that ex pats in America are all worked up about the Bush Administration & the war or that ex pats in Canada are apt to be concerned about the constant state of elections that the Liberals & Conservatives find themselves battling in. These issues are of no concern to ex pats. Why would they be, especially since ex pats have no voting rights in the country where they reside. There's a reason we're called Guest Workers.


richard said...

I sort of half agree with you about this. I don’t mind people having a good moan once in a while, especial if their complaints are humorous and well observed. But there are some expats who complain all the time. I’ve experience this in my own country and here in Bermuda. Some people are not cut out to living out side their own culture.

However this story is a little darker. It deals with people who have lost their work permits because of comments they have made. The Bermuda Sun ran a story last week called “fear and loathing in Hamilton”, which observed a fear of speaking out and a sense of intimidation in the expat community in Bermuda.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Well said. A good moan once in a while is all fine but yes it does grate on the ears when one's constantly bickering about the place they're in. Hey if they hate it so much, why don't they just leave.

I totally agree with you on the fear of speaking out here. One does have to watch what they say. Which is why I tend to go easy on the posts about some topics...