Wednesday, January 10, 2007

in case of emergency

So, you're stuck in a elevator. With seven other passengers. At a major department store. In Bermuda. What do you do? Wait, isn't the limit six - maybe that's the reason for the elevator jamming up.

Anyway, this is the age of modern technology where you're perpetually connected to the world whether you like it or not. So, you reach for that handy red emergency phone placed in the panel below the floor numbers. Mere moments later you're connected to the operator & explain your situation. They respond they've never heard of the department store you're calling from. Is this a joke? Bermuda's not that big & this is a popular department store, more like the only department store left. The air is beginning to get a bit stifling what with all eight of you crammed like sardines. You repeat the name of the store again. You eventually say it's in Bermuda. Well, therein lies the problem. The operator you're speaking to is in North Carolina, approximately 640 miles from Bermuda, over the Atlantic Ocean. Unbelievable! Does anyone have a cell phone?

This is what a
couple, long time frequent visitors to Bermuda, experienced over the Christmas season. Oh not to worry, they along with the six others were eventually freed from their claustrophobic hangout. The emergency line set up in that elevator was linked to the elevator manufacturing headquarters in the US. Come on! How about linking it to front desk or the security office in the store? Somebody didn't update the information after installation. Tsk Tsk. Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!

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