Tuesday, January 09, 2007

by the rocks

Although we've had fabulous weather for the past couple of weeks, it's not nearly warm enough to take a dip. While 22 deg C is warm enough to lie on the sand in the sun, its not hot enough to make me want to lounge around in the water. So, snorkelling is out of the question as the fish prefer to stay in deeper waters during the winter. We all know how I can't swim, so I am not about to take my chances. I can wait until the hot summer when they decide to venture into my turf. Man, I have got to learn how to swim!

Fishing, a popular activity on the island, is also curtailed in the winter months. Since it's darker earlier & the fish not necessarily wanting to hang about closer to the rocks, it can be a bit challenging if you're expecting to take home a large bite. But some still persevere & wait by the rocks in the hope of doing so. We're not one of them. If we had a boat, then we'd sure venture into deeper water (me with a life vest) & catch us something fresh. Once again we wait for longer days & summer weather.

This past summer we frequented the rocks by Shelly Bay Beach. It's a beautiful spot & the sunsets are spectacular. It's also home to a decent size children's playground & a very nice beach. While the sand is coarser than most beaches, it's waters gently ebb the shore & are ideal for snorkelling, swimming & fishing. If you're not into fishing, the calm waves & ocean hues will lull you. Unless you're there on a stormy day.

Our fishing spot at Shelly Bay was by the old chimney on the rocks right before you hit the beach. This is my favourite fishing pic of Hubby as he's getting ready to cast his line. If you don't have your own rod then I suggest taking a good book because what's worse than waiting for your bait to catch is watching someone else waiting for their bait to catch. Heck, you don't even need a rod. Just a reel with a hook will do. Just that most times your hook will snag against the rocks & you end up loosing it after a good yank. This happens to me every time & eventually I get bored & start throwing in some stale bread. Then come the fish in multitudes, smaller ones at first but then the larger few venture closer to see what's cooking. This fish feeding is very therapeutic, even more so than fishing.

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