Thursday, November 09, 2006

the long way home

So it's dark by 6:00 PM. Not a big deal if the streets are lit up right? Well, that would depend on the street. While all major roads are lit, the inside smaller streets are not. It's pitch black when the moon's not shining & it's so dark that you can barely see where you're going. You'd best be carrying a flashlight or you'd be fumbling. The only way you know where you're headed is by looking straight ahead & trying to make a bee line for top of the slope all the while hoping you don't step on a tiny toad, or a frog or even worse a roach. On the days I commute home via public transportation, I'd be smart to remember to carry a flashlight. If not, I am left to my own devices & depend on the flashlight emanating from my cell phone to guide me home.

But as long as my path's lit I've no qualms about walking up our street from the bus stop. It’s a great workout because the street has a sharp slope leading to our cul-de-sac. But wait, there's still the driveway to account for (see the picture on the right). Those that have visited us thus far, never fail to comment on the workout they receive walking up to our place. Making up the driveway on a scooter requires quite the momentum & most cab drivers are reluctant at first to drive up there. But this is Bermuda, where most inside streets are not lit & most houses are up on little hills where each driveway is just as charming as the next.

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