Thursday, October 12, 2006

the catch is one gig

One thing we miss about Toronto is the internet. Not so much the high speed but the unlimited downloads. There is fierce competition in Bermuda between internet providers. Dial up is one way to go but seriously, once you're exposed to the joys of high speed you don't ever go back to dial-up. It's the e-mail vs snail mail equivalent. Even dial up does not come cheap. Everytime you sign on you are charged 25 cents - it's treated like a phone call & with the regular phone line you get about 50 free ones a month. There's DSL but the phone line has to be upgraded to about $90/month & that does not even include the DSL charges. Not to mention DSL tends to be somewhat unreliable at times.

What we've indulged in is reliable wireless, higher than high speed internet faster than DSL, no phone line required, same pricing as the upgraded phone line plus there's unlimited surfing. Sounds like the perfect solution, doesn't it? But wait, as always there's a catch. Our actual download quota is limited to one gig a month. Yeah, that's not much at all. Especially when there's music to download & not to mention missed TV shows that can be watched with no time restraints nor commercials. This would definitely help when the cable's out of commission. But then I know I will go over the quota. Damn, damn & double damn. There'd better be no kids reading this!


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