Monday, January 11, 2010

A new kind of thinking

I have neglected ye long enough and I am sorry. So, here's to a Happy, Healthy, Safe & Blessed New Year. And yes, I'm here and made it through 2009 into January 2010, which is not what I can say for some folks. What is it about the New Year that sends people careening to their deaths? Truth be told, I hate this time of year - this month of January. There's always bad news looming and try as I might to not give into this stereotype, that I seem to have created in my head, the New Year never fails to fall short of the fact that it's never going to get off to a good start. Do I sound cynical? Don't be all doom and gloom, you may say. Well, I don't mean to be. Perhaps realistic is a better word. The past decade has taught me different, so I reckon I do have a right to be like so. But isn't it better to start the New Year keeping your fingers crossed and bracing yourself for something a little less than disastrous (or more), rather than be gobsmacked of all of one's enthusiasm simply because of the thinking that a change in date somehow resets us into a new era of new beginnings? Who on earth gave us THAT idea? Are we that untouchable? Is it better to be realistic and somewhat mentally and emotionally prepared, or blissfully unaware of what's about to hit you...or the fan?

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