Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Love and Marriage

I told my husband today that he had better be careful, I had received a proposal (putting it liberally) today. From a co-worker. Old enough to be my father. And he was quite serious. Let me elaborate...I got a call from this co-worker later this afternoon, the same co-worker I saw in the morning as he dropped off paperwork. He later calls to ask: Can I ask you a personal question?

My response (which is all in the tone) when dealing with all employees that are borderline flirtatious is: Yes, how can I help you?

Co worker: Are you married?

Me: Yes, why? Who's asking?

Co-worker: I'm asking, because I'm interested.

Me (laughing my head off): Yes, Mr. Co-worker, I am married.

Co-worker: Is your husband here with you in Cayman?

Me (still laughing, while my other co-workers around me are making all kinds of faces): Yes of course he is. Why? Does that matter?

Co-Worker: Oh well I don't know. That's upto you...you know.

Me (laughing to the point my sides are splitting): Yeah well...take a number, Mr. Co-worker! Take a number. Bye bye!

Oh the surrounding co-workers were all like WHO WAS THAT? IS HE CRAZY?

My husband was like FILE A COMPLAINT!


And later I was like: I should have had cooler answers like YOU'RE OLD ENOUGH TO BE MY FATHER. But really, how often is someone prepared for a situation such as this anyway.

Of course, I am not about to mention this to the boss. In this economy I'd feel terribly guilty if someone were to lose their job just because they are...having an off day? Besides, it comes with the territory, due to my role, I deal with employees (who are mostly male) every day and while most have learned not to take my friendliness the wrong way - (thinking I'm paying them special attention for whatever reason), some have obviously not.

But on a serious note, why is it that once on an island such as this (and Bermuda is no different) that marriage values go out the window. So many expats here tend to lose their moral compass when it comes to fidelity. So many of them here have left their wives/ husbands/ and families behind that it is automatically presumed that they are looking for companionship, a little something on the side, if you will. I reckon what makes it easier to slip is the lack of family presence who would ordinarily scrutinise and not to mention judge your every wrong move. We all know how that goes!

And let's not get started on 'swinging'. There's a concept one thought was dead once the 70's dropped off the calendar, but some of the expats well, they're bringing it back. I kid you not!


Tigerbutt said...

I don't thinking swinging had ever disappeared. Now, it’s just done on the DL.

That is pretty funny that this granddaddy was asking you for a little action. You still got it girl. ;)

hardy said...

wow... thats indeed called a "proposal". Yo musta had a great laugh

oliver said...

Not just there... it's just humans, everywhere.

sarah said...

Funny as!
Islands, Cruise ships, Hotels all places where people lose their integrity, become immoral and have alter their values
*sigh* the way of the world...
the 60s and 70s never died"

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! U are rocking girl...

bermudabluez said...

On the upside....I have to agree with tigerbutt....you still got it girl!! And I do think swinging is still around...just not as public?

Edward D. said...

Next time your co-worker calls you, find out if he's rich.