Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hey Frenchie

I am so pleased to share with you a first time find for me.

Taken (by me) over a month ago at Cemetary Beach in West bay - a juvenile FRENCH ANGELFISH.
Gorgeous, innit? They look quite different all grown up. Since they're also cleaner fish, they tend to take on 'clients'.

These fish are also monogamous. Ha! Who knew!


Archana said...

hey there, just came across your blog via another. :) firstly, that's a really pretty picture! as for the fish being monogamous, that's kinda really cute!

secondly, just happened to see that you're an expat too! the cayman islands must be a gorgeous place to live in. :) anyway, i love the expat lifestyle & it's always nice to bump into other expats. looking forward to seeing more of your posts.


Thank you, Archana and Welcome!

Yes, the Caymans is a gorgeous place to be and I love it & am so very thankful I get to live in a place such as this.

MarkD60 said...

Great shot! It's hard to get a good shot of those!