Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weather wise

My former Bermuda landlady, Ms Stop Your Noise, emailed me today asking me how the weather was down here. Has it been cold? Is it damp like Bermuda? Does it get humid like Bermuda during the summer?

I was pleased to tell her that although we had a couple of days of a cold spell, Cayman was back on track with the hot weather. And thank Goodness! People here in Cayman are often surprised when we tell them that Bermuda is normally cold in the winter. And compared to Cayman it IS cold. And damp. I often tell them that during the winter in Bermuda we HAD to run the heater while at home to get rid of the dampness. And looking back I can't believe that we did this for three winters. We had no idea that we would be doing so when we first moved to Bermuda. The website sure didn't mention Bermuda's version of winter weather. Sure the cold was not comparable to Canada but that dampness sure was a pain to deal with.

So, I am thankful that Cayman is not damp in the winter, nor any other time and that most places here have central AC, which let me tell you, is a nice comfort to have during those hot humid months. Not to mention it regulates your home quite well, that one need not worry about clothes getting mildewy no matter what one did (like in Bermuda). Those days are long gone behind us.

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